Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What happens in Las Vegas

It's been well over a week now since we start recording the trial with O.J. Simpson in one of Las Vegas court room, the tapes are the main evidence which is I believe is pretty convincing yet I still have some doubts since he has been set up by his friend. I just can't believe that a friend can actually do it to him. On the other hand he should have not done any of these because it's pretty obvious that there are security cameras everywhere which Las Vegas called it " the eyes in the sky ". I just don't understand if O.J. did actually do it, putting the law in his hand when he can just call the police and I'm sure he'll get his stolen stuff back without him going through what he is going through right now. Plus people are very judgmental because of the murder history and even police are saying it the recorded tape the court has played.
I just hope that the truth will prevail and shame on those people who set him up to try to rack up some big bucks out of the whole thing.

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