Monday, September 29, 2008

Car Loan

I was so shocked that my friend the other day wrote an entry to her blog and it was pretty hateful. So I buzz her online wondering what's going on, only to find out that one of her other group of friends betrayed her by talking behind her that she gets this Car Loan and she was questioning my friend's ability to pay because the traitor friend can't afford to pay anything. So I just told my friend that she is not an ideal friend if she is talking behind her back and why she cares if you get a Personal Loan to buy a new car? If you can afford to pay it after all, having a help is what we all need with our economic situation where Dow Jones just went down more than 700 points today. If we can get an Unsecured Personal Loans to keep us going with this situation why not grab the opportunity where we know somebody can help us obtain fast loan approvals at the best possible interest rates.

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