Monday, September 29, 2008

Green Approach

All summer long we have been having problems with rats in our store area. The building next to ours is having the same problems we are having. We also have problems with this one possum in the backyard because she comes out every night and our dogs never like her and they will just bark at her every time they see the possum they just won't stop barking and it's really annoying especially at night. We haven't heard any complain from our neighbors but I know it will be just a matter of time before they will do. So my husband and I look for live traps that won't be a danger to our pets yet an effective way of getting rid of the possum and the rats at the store. I saw this one website where they provide expert tips for first time trapping, inside trapping, outside trapping, and feral cat trapping to make the task simple! Live animal trapping is an effective animal control alternative that is both humane and earth-friendly. All we have to do is contact our local humane to make sure those animals are not being protected by law here in our states because we all know that certain animals are getting endangered and the humane society will take actions to protect certain animal at the same time the people will also happy.

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