Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Are you ready for the Season?

Times goes by so quick and now football season is about to start. I have been an avid fan of football since my husband taught how the game is played. I am a sport fanatic that any games that I want to learn is no stranger to me as long as I will focus and just try to learn it. Watching a game when you understand the scenario is much much funnier. Actually this week is the start of the football season and I will be seeing my favorite football superstars again. While I was just searching for my favorite team last night I found a website where you can be a football player yourself because it is the world's first Virtual Football World and designed by football fans which is exclusively created for football fans. In this virtual game you can actually enjoy a massively multiplayer experience on your PC. If you are a true football fan this is your chance to be one of the lucky few who will able to explore this genre busting game for the first time, with your valuable and helppful feedback to the developers as they work towards the release the football superstars.

Sponsored by Football Superstars

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