Monday, September 15, 2008

Getting ready

Today was a very hectic day. We had our day pretty much planned out and have to be on schedule or we will be screwed at the end of the day. Even putting my clothes this morning needs to be flexible because it has to be an all around. So I decided to put on my jeans which I got it from Heavenly Couture when they have their Denim Clearance Sale. Even though we have a very busy day I was so comfortable all day wearing my Cheap Jeans yet in good quality. We went to see the baseball game at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg without any problem. I feel teen clothes because I can always find my size. I always have trouble finding my own size when I go to the mall. I end up spending time trying them on yet had to go home empty handed. I just visited their website and found out that they are having a denim clearance sale for all their denim for only $13.80. Jeans are always comfortable especially fall season is coming which means we have to cover some skin because weather is going to get cold and we don't want to freeze. Heavenly Couture denim clearance sale will be perfect for the season plus will be cheaper. With our economy and gas prices going high we need to save some big bucks and one way of doing it is finding discount clothing. We don't have to stop shopping, we just have to find the good deals to end up more stuff rather than emptying our wallet.

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melstephens said...

Wow I love this Jeans girl so nice.
I am planning to buy pants since winter is getting closer I have 3 pants here in USA only.
by the way I have tag for you just grab it in my site. pls leave me a message.thanks