Saturday, September 27, 2008

The most talked about...

Last night was the first Presidential Debate between Senator John McCain and Senator Barack Obama held in Oxford, Mississippi. There was a lot of speculations about it when Senator John McCain wanted to postpone because of the economic situation that the United states of America is facing at the moment. In spite of the busy schedule in the senate and the white house both Presidential Nominees were present last night to make things done. The event went pretty good, but I don't think there was a winner. I think both candidate at some point made their point and fail on the other. I know Americans were watching it last night the judgment is all yours now people of the United States, we have to weigh who has the most capable of solving that the next president will inheriting from the current administration. Media are there to show stuff yet you don't have to believe everything, you have to weigh and listen 2 sides of every story. We still have enough time to think all of these and at the day of election, you will come up with the right. Think it over America!

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