Saturday, September 27, 2008

Follow your Dreams

Life is a journey that all of us has to take according to where we want to take it. We are the own driver of our life. We take the twist and turn along the road sometimes we stumble and be in the bottom and sometimes we will be on top. Along the road we have to make decisions that will make us better in the long run. We have to be smart in our choices because some decision we make might ruin our life forever or make it better. Making wrong decision is always a part of everybody's day to day dealings especially the young ones that are trying to figure out which road they want to take. Choosing what course they want to take when they go to college or what field they want to take is not that easy, there are a lot of stuff to consider but at the end of the massive thinking is it will all come down to what is really your interest and what really is your capability, if your interest is fashion designing then you have to think well if you have enough desire and passion to carry on to a fashion design so you will not regret after. You just have to know yourself better of what's your desire and interest to succeed in the path you take.

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