Monday, September 29, 2008

Original Seven Wonders of the World

I have been wanting to put this facts in my blog even before but I just don't what keeps holding me back. Now that I have the chance to remind all of you what's the original seven wonders of the world, I have to take this chance and here it is;

1. The Great Pyramid at Giza
Where: Cairo, Egypt
Noted for being the only surviving member of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, the Great Pyramid is the largest of the three pyramids built in the ancient city of Giza, now part of greater Cairo, Egypt.
2. Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Where: The bank of the Euphrates River, south of Baghdad, Iraq, near present-day Al-Hillah
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon are said to have been built by Nebuchadnezzar II, a ruler of Babylon, around 600 B.C.
3. Temple of Artemis at Ephesus
Where: The ancient city of Ephesus, near the modern town of Selcuk, Turkey.
Completed around 550 B.C. to honor the Greek goddess of hunting and nature, Artemis, the Temple of Artemis was built during the Achaemenid Dynasty of the Persian Empire.
4.Statue of Zeus at Olympia
Where: The ancient city of Olympia, on the coast of western Greece.
This enormous statue honoring the god Zeus was built at the Temple of Zeus in Olympia around 450 B.C.
5.Tomb of Maussollos at Halicarnassus
Where: Southwestern Turkey
The tomb built to hold the remains of the Persian king Mausollos and his wife, Artemisia, was designed by the Greek architects Satyrus and Pythius and constructed around 353 B.C. on a hill overlooking the ancient city of Halicarnassus.
6.Colossus at Rhodes
Where: Rhodes, Greece
The Colossus of Rhodes was actually an enormous, looming 100-foot tall statue of the Greek god Helios, built on the island of Rhodes around 280 B.C.
7.Lighthouse of Alexandria
Where: The island of Pharos in Alexandria, Egypt
Scholars estimate the Lighthouse of Alexandria measured between 383 to 450 feet high, and was built in the third century B.C. to act as a landmark for Pharos, a small island off the coast of Alexandria, Egypt.

Hope this entry will help you refresh your memory.

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