Saturday, September 27, 2008

Preparation for the future!

I grew up fortunately with my parents around me all the time lend a hand when I am not ready to face the whole world. They are there to support whatever moves I make and keep reminding me of morals and values and of course my education. I grew up thinking of what they told me about education where it is their only fortune they can give me where nobody can take it away from me. I finish my school the year I should finish it and help me prepare to face the world outside the school and university. My brother's daughter has been very open about going to an ultrasound school and she has been wanting it since she is in high school. She's almost done with her high school years and she is so excited to start the next chapter of her life with the support of her parents. So to all undecided to where you want to go to college and what you want to be, just listen to yourself and you will find answer.

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