Tuesday, September 30, 2008

fitness boot camp

Pretty exciting huh? Of course as a woman if I can get the real result then I will more than happy to do it. Staying in shape is not an easy task because there's so much temptations everyday. There's too much unhealthy foods, drinks and bad habit that can be easily taken. It's not easy to refuse those sweets and drinks being requested by a friend on a party and if you don't have the goal to keep everything back on track, it could bring you in trouble in a long run. Keeping up with these temptations while having fun is for sure a good thing. Doing a Fitness Boot Camp is definitely my thing. I saw a website called www.BootyCampFitness.com which I think is pretty creative and unique. I love working out but I don't want to be bored either this whole new boot camp will surely boost my whole body and make me feel like I have whole lot of energy and it felt like I just reemerge from my old self after working out.

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