Monday, September 15, 2008

Top 10 Creepiest Places

Have you thought about these places? I have heard some like the Bermuda Triangle which is pretty scary. So here's the complete list from travel channel.

1.Bermuda Triangle
Location: Atlantic Ocean
What's Cool: Area also called the Devil's Triangle, the Twilight Zone, Hoodoo Sea and the Limbo of the Lost
2.Haunted Hollywood
Location: Hollywood, Calif.
What's Cool: A day trip to San Diego's haunted Hotel Del Coronado
3.Tower of London
Location: London, England
What's Cool: The sites of London
4.Mütter Museum of Medical History

Location: Gettysburg, Pa.
What's Cool: A day trip to Washington D.C.
6.New Orleans
Location: New Orleans, La.
What's Cool: Bourbon Street and Mardi Gras
Location: Salem, Mass.
What's Cool: The annual Halloween Haunted Neighborhood
Location: Roswell, N.M.
What's Cool: An extensive lecture series and tours to crash sites
9.Winchester Mystery House
Location: San Jose, Calif.
What's Cool: A window built into the floor and doors that open into blank walls
10.Lizzie Borden Bed-and-Breakfast
Location: Fall River, Mass.
What's Cool: Spend the night at the scene of the crime

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