Friday, September 26, 2008

No more Traveling for a while????

I have been very lucky and very blessed all these years. My life is pretty much what I have been wanting to be, dreaming to be and I couldn't ask for more. I have seen places that even in my dreams I never thought I will be there. I have met all kinds of people. My life is well beyond my plans yet I am so thankful that I have live a life like this. I have simple plans and dreams yet God gave more than what I ask for. He is just so GOOD and GREAT all the time. He caters all my needs and gave me even more. I might be off for traveling for staggering 9 months. I just had 2 test and I might be off of commission. I don't really trust the result for now but it's almost like a 99 percent. Vacation might be out of my league for a little bit here folks, let's see.

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