Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mount St. Helens National Park, Washington

The park was almost close when we went there. Through our effort we found the place where Mount Saint Helens blew off in the 1980's. It is still visible until now, we still saw some debris. When my husband called his friend and informed him that Mount Saint Helens is currently showing some actions, we got scared because when we looked up we saw some smoke and we don't know if we were just hallucinating but he left as fast as we can. Fortunately we got away safe.

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Facial Plastic Surgery

I was just reading this one magazine that we got earlier and I was flipping through the pages and came across with this issue about celebrities having rhinoplasty. They have two pictures of celebrities before and after because they think they had plastic surgery. For my own opinion, going through plastic surgery is not a bad thing at all because it will just enhance our features and make it better. I always remember my husband keep saying that the girl needs rhinoplasty because every time her video is being played Ray keep telling me that she have a big nose. If your nose really looks like it doesn't belong in your face I am all for it to have a plastic surgery to make everything looks better. I was just browsing online looking for some information about it and came across rhinoplasty Cincinnati where a surgeon Dr. Donath has logged literally thousands of facial surgery cases in areas with such uncompromising standards as the New York City region. A board certified surgeon specializing in Facial Plastic Surgery, you can therefore be assured of truly unparalleled results by choosing Dr. Donath for your facial plastic surgery needs. A consummate perfectionist, he will not rest until you have the look you desire, from a surgeon you can talk to. If you want to do plastic surgery you want to do it where you are comfortable and you are able to trust your whole face to a trusted surgeon.

Mount Rushmore National Park, South Dakota

One reason why I like this place is they are extremely friendly. We saw smiles in the face in almost every person we saw and talk over there. The monument was lit up at night which is really really cool.

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Gotta Look Good

We are all familiar of all face lift, facelift, it is very common in Hollywood since every celebrity got to look good or they all get bad publicity for looking saggy or looking old. Now that it all spread around and not just Hollywood that is getting old, we got to admit that going through facial plastic surgery procedures helps individuals improve their facial appearance, which could actually redefine their overall appearance. A person’s face is probably one of the most distinguishing features of their entire body. When you wake up, that is what you see in the mirror everyday. Factors such as age, sun exposure, stress, and smoking can all alter the features of your face. Eventually the face you saw years ago is not the same face you see today. It surely makes a lot of people that is not getting any younger feel good and looks good because of technology. It is undeniably obvious that people who have gone through face lift, their faces are restored to a much more younger and healthier appearance. As technology progresses facial plastic surgery involves surgical and even non-surgical procedures nowadays. Having all these done, we need someone that we can trust and that have extensive doctor directory full of qualified medical professionals, including plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, with practices located possibly throughout the country just to make sure they can be there no matter what happens. We want someone who can help us find a surgeon who is highly skilled and offers years of experience and who provide an array of information regarding several plastic surgery techniques and cosmetic enhancements. We don't want to go through all these and don't know anything. ienhance offers all these. They also have free decision-making tools that make finding a doctor as easy as possible! We may research a medical practitioner's background, view plastic surgery pictures of their work, read patient testimonials to learn of the care they provide, review their procedural costs, and even e-mail him or her to schedule a consultation! Being beautiful is not as easy as it looks. To be beautiful needs a lot of works!

Foreclosures and Real Estate Prices

I heard a lot of speculations about the real estate market these days. Some says that it's really low right and I am seeing all this for sale signs almost every corner of the street. Even in our street there are at least 3 for sale signs and the one next to ours was for sale for almost a year. I was looking around especially in the mid west because I simply love it over there. Mid west have a lot of fun stuff to do and I saw their foreclosures in Scottsdale Arizona where they offers complete buyer and seller real estate services for estates, luxury homes, executive homes, golf properties, condos, seasonal property, and land. They also have a unique focus on new home sales in affluent North Scottsdale. Lesley brings 17 years of personal real estate experience to the business, with career personal sales in excess of half-billion dollars.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mount Rainier National Park, Washington

We were so excited going to Mount Rainier because it's one of the known peak in the country. We have heard a lot of story about it and it made us more excited. It was definitely pretty up there.
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Luxury Travel

A friend of mine was talking about going together in a trip down south. We have been talking about going somewhere yet we haven't done it yet so this time we said that we have to make it happen. We were looking around and found this website for Luxury Travel which at first we thought it might cost us a lot of money which we do not want to happen. we want to save as much as possible and maybe get ourselves pampered to wherever we will go. So browse in their website and they have a lot of exciting offers. What is good about is they are rated 35th largest travel agency in the U.S. They are also a top member of Signature Travel Network which is a group of select travel agencies offering travelers exclusive offers and special savings on a variety of cruises, river journeys and land-based packages and tours. Plus they are committed to be an innovative industry leader whose growth and success is anchored by our values, integrity and dedication to customer service. They have vacation expert which will help a customer decide which destination to choose and suit for them but of course they are just helping they are are not the one who will make decisions and it is still your final word, they are just there to suggest that might be good and fun for you.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mount Hood National Park, Oregon

That was fun, I was laughing my butt off because Ray was trying to slide on the slope and he accidentally flip over and end up in the bottom with his head full of snow. I didn't catch it on tape..Darn!

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Getaway Rentals

his time of the year is the best time to getaway for a little bit or even a week or more. Summer is just the fun time to go out anywhere in the country or even world wide. It's just fun not to worry about the weather being freezing cold and all we have to think about is going out to have fun in the sun. I found this website online for Vacation Rentals from with access to over 200,000 properties in close to 15,000 destinations worldwide, including Destin condos. Rentalo is without a doubt the Internet's most comprehensive travel lodging and vacation rental portal. They specialize in linking property listing owners to travelers and vacationers like villas Puerto Vallarta. Their extensive inventory includes vacation rentals, hotels, bed and breakfasts, motels, inns, timeshares and many other types of short-term housing and accommodations. Travelers & Vacationers Rentalo you find the best values in vacation rentals, bed & breakfasts, hotels, and other lodgings especially in Kissimmee vacation villas which is perect because it's not far from us and the location is not close to a lot of fun stuff to do. Property owners & managers With Rentalo you receive the best return on investment (ROI) for your vacation rental or lodging business. When you visit their website you can tell they have happy customers based on their testimonials expressing that they are very much impress with the service because they carefully screen all their property providers to ensure only the finest lodging accommodations are presented to us. and of course if we need to find out more information about an area that we are considering a vacation rental in, then we can just select the state we are going to travel to and discover all the best information about our destination.

Mormon Church, Salt Lake City, Utah

This place the prettiest garden I have ever seen in my entire life. I have been to literally the whole country yet I still consider this one as the prettiest, the most beautiful flowers and landscape of all. Even my husband said it's prettier than japanese garden in Japan...Take that!

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Internet Marketing

Internet can be very tricky. I remember my husband used to complain when he has to do all this work for the website to make the website being on top of the search engine through out the Internet world. He used to stay up late because it is tedious doing all the work with all the codes and dealing with it can be very confusing and whole lot of work. I was just wondering while he was doing it so I was browsing the Internet and found internet marketing where they offers multiple services including: search engine marketing and optimization, multivariate testing of landing pages, usability labs for improving site navigation, complete shopping cart development, multi-stage lead form development, video production and others. Each service that Reciprocal presents is carefully researched and tested for achieving measurable and acceptable results. Reciprocal improved the quality and scope of its offers so that we could provide customers with an all-encompassing Internet marketing solution. Reciprocal has incorporated on-page methods for converting traffic into sales. They also maintains an ongoing relationship with Adwords Support, and Google has assigned two account representatives who regularly communicate with the company on a variety of issues ranging from click fraud refunds to Google Analytics technical support. In their relationship to Google and Yahoo, Reciprocal is part of an exclusive group of agencies that gain access to beta programs before they are rolled out to the wider market. This gives their clients a competitive advantage in the online marketplace because Reciprocal can promise to have mastered newer programs as competing firms are just being introduced to them. I told my husband about all this to make his work so much easier and he is considering it.
This place is awesome. When we were driving towards monument valley, it seems like we were driving in emptiness. It was just pure nothingness but when we reach the place it was all paid for itself! It was just simply amazing. I love to see all the those formations that keeps me wonder how in the world they formed like that.

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Apartment Rental in Rome

Are you still planning a vacation for the remaining of summer? You can't always be facing your work or you will get old and bored everyday. After working so hard you need some relaxation and taking a vacation is a perfect option. The question is where you want to go? We'll I can give you some really cool ideas since I want to go to Europe especially Rome so badly and been researching for good deals online from fares and where to stay. I found this website where they help you find a place to stay called Vacationrenatalrome.Com and a Franchise Partner of the International Travel Website: Wizzapartments.Com. A brand new local site with the latest technologies to provide tourists, visitors, businessmen a reliable, real time availability-based holiday rental service with hotel-like features but budget prices. Their centrally located apartment rental Rome are strictly selected, tastefully furnished and all equipped by Wi-Fi High Speed Internet connection. Of course we don't want to be all disconnected from home so we need a place where it's all equipped with Internet connection. They just don't make us find the best accommodation in Rome, be it an apartment, a B&B, a hotel or vacation home, but to find it in the safest and fastest way possible. A very good help for us since we don't know that much when it comes to going places that's a little stranger for us. We definitely need somebody that knows it all and Vacationrenatalrome.Com can definitely help us through it all. So are excited to go to Rome now?

Monday, July 28, 2008

John Denver Sanctuary in Aspen Co

I love this place because it looks like pretty solemn and seeing all the big song of John Denver written in the rocks, looks really cool.

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Cher at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas

I was just watching an entertainment show today and they mention about Cher to perform in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. We all know that every show in Vegas are always fabulous and spectacular since Las Vegas as it is known "The Entertainment Capital of the World" and to add Cher performance is going to be BIG. We have known Cher as an American pop singer-songwriter, actress and record producer. Among her career accomplishments in music, television and film, she has won an Academy Award, a Grammy Award, an Emmy Award, three Golden Globe Awards and was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Plus remember her smash hit single, "Believe" (1998), is the third biggest-selling single released by a female singer worldwide, the eighth best selling song of the 1990s, the biggest-selling ever for Warner Bros. Records and the biggest-selling dance song, having sold over 10 million copies worldwide. Isn't it exciting to know that we can finally see her performing in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas with her show "Cher at the Colosseum"! Her brand new show will feature 18 dancers and aerialists, fabulous new Bob Mackie costumes, dazzling video and special effects. The extravaganza debuted on May 6th and initially run for a month. Cher will perform four shows per week at 7:30pm. For convenience, to all who wants to see Cher, we can all buy her tickets at Cher Tickets at Caesars Palace. Mostly we want to buy our tickets from someone who is an independent ticket and travel broker to make everything easy and whom who provide premium seating in the secondary market to sports, concerts and theater worldwide since 1979.

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

I love this park. The snowy mountains are uniquely shaped. We even walk for a mile because the road were closed because of snow but I absolutely walking in the park. So cool and being able to experience nature is just priceless.
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Trade Show Displays

We used to attend this one trade show where they have this massive and lavish trade show displays. We kinda make it as part of our vacation since it's far from where we live so we maka a small vacation out it. It cool going where we were able to see a lot of stuff and have the opportunity to have a feeling of what's out there. There's one company that will cater all of your trade show necessities. The Godfrey Group provides a range of display solutions featuring trade show displays, trade show booths, trade show exhibits, pop up displays, portable displays and accessories for trade shows, corporate information centers, showrooms, retail environments, and promotional events. They are uniquely positioned to provide a one-stop point for any promotional need from simple tabletop displays to high tech, sophisticated presentations using video and light effects. The Godfrey Group offers design and fabrication of sales environments - combining traditional design and production methods with new materials and technology, such as fabric graphics, digital video signage, and LED lighting. They offer a range of products from completely custom designs to standard portable and modular components — all under one roof. Which I personally considered a very convenient because they have everything we need and without you having to go somewhere else for some other stuff you need.


One of the very first city I have been to when I first got here. It's really cool becaue they have the canon and the fort is over looking the bay. Plus it is the Oldest City in Florida.

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Glenwood Caverns, Colorado

We never knew about this place until we got stuck because of snow and can't drive out of the city so instead of trying to go we just look for cool places around we heard and saw this in a booklet and it looks really cool. We never been to an outside like nature stuff roller coaster so we tried it anyway plus they the cave which is the highlight of the whole situation.

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surgical weight loss procedures

Does anyone knows about the controversy about the one celebrity where she loss a lot of weight and she was denying that she went through Gastric Bypass? I'm sure a lot of you knows about it. If you needs some surgical weight loss procedures or a LAP BAND support why deny it if this process will make you look good and feel good to make you come out of your closet? The LAP-BAND® System consists of an adjustable lap band designed to help you lose excess body weight, improve weight-related health conditions and enhance quality of life. The laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding reduces the stomach capacity and restricts the amount of food that can be consumed at one time. The LAP-BAND System procedure, or laparoscopic gastric banding surgery, does not require stomach cutting and stapling or gastrointestinal re-routing to bypass normal digestion. The LAP-BAND® System is the only reversible and adjustable gastric band surgery available in the United States and is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). If you are determine to do it for your sake then Hadar Spivak, MD, FACS, can help you because he has extensive experience in advanced weight loss procedures and his credentials speak for themselves. Whether it is the LAP-BAND System, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass or revision surgery, Dr. Spivak will help you determine the ideal weight loss procedure for you to help you reach maximum health and well-being. Dr. Spivak's practice is a top weight loss clinic in Texas, so for weight loss surgery in Texas, turn to Dr. Spivak. He has used his advanced and proven methods in thousands of surgeries. Dr. Spivak has performed thousands of laparoscopic bariatric procedures and his Texas weight loss surgery practice is designated as "a center of excellence" by the American Society for Bariatric Surgery (ASBS).

Four Corners National Park, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado

This place is a park, actually there's nothing into it aside from the four corners of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado. So you can be in four states at one time.

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Buyer's Remorse

In our situation today where our economy is plunging, gas is going sky high, prices on everything is ridiculously high where all we can do is nothing but turn on to our credit cards because it is much convenient or do another loan and refinance the house but next time we know it's coming back to haunt us big time. Spending with too much is so easy where we never know that our balance is way up and we can't even afford to pay the monthly payment which is not a good sign. In times like this there isa company that will help us through our debt and I found this one company called where they offer Debt relief service. which were built from the ground up with one goal: to help US. You will see on their site the mantra: Find, Learn, Save. . Their fundamental goal is to help us learn about the confusing world of personal finance, and give us the resources to help us save money. Finding a good company is hard enough, helping us learn through the situation is another and making us save is the best thing that can happen since we need to save because we are already buried with our debt. They constantly strive to meet more of our needs, and value feedback from their friends and customers that will make them stronger. also have built many tools and resources to make navigating the complicated world of personal finance easy and fun. Plus their main focus is on six core categories, which they think are the best ways to help their customers: Mortgage Loans, Debt Help, Insurance, Bill Payment, Loans, and Credit Products. Within each of these major groupings, they have built content and tools to help you learn and save. Some of these include everyday things like the "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)" and the "Glossary" of frequently used terms. Other things are more innovative, including many sample "Success Stories" of how fictional people solved their own complicated financial concerns in each of the categories. They also give us the power to ask any question we want, with their ground-breaking "Ask Bill" tool. Bill is really an amalgamation of industry experts who will write a personal response to your questions - because helping us learn and save is what they are here to do. Isn't it a relief to know that there is a company that will actually help out there!

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

Magnificent place. I definitely love the whole place. I even take the chance of taking pictures without jacket or anything to get the best shot even though it was freezing and the whole place was covered with snow.

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Online Marketing

Are you starting a business and want to know more tips on how to manage it in the long run? Then you need Website Office because they founded it to be an informational resource to website owners. No matter if you are looking to research web hosting companies or just looking to enhance your internet marketing knowledge and Online Marketing provide a resource for all your website informational needs. Website Office publish new articles daily, so please check back often!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

San Francisco

I love this city. I was so amazed with the Golden Gate that we tried to walk to the other end yet we didn't make it because it was too far. We also visited the Fisherman's wharf where I saw those sea lions that were so noisy yet entertaining. We also saw the crookedest road, haight and ashbury and of course ate at the China town.

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US: Boating Education

Ray and I was watching television about Boating Operating Under the Influence and I was like really? I didn't know that. Ray was telling me it that operating a boat is just like driving a car. I was so dumb about it that I think I need a Boating Education because we always like to go down south where we rent a boat and go out for snorkeling. I still have some hopes that sometime in the future we can go to havasu falls in Arizona where it's famous for it's blue and green water. We almost went there when we visited the Grand Canyon Ray don't want to ride the helicopter and I don't want to ride the donkeys so we decided not to go since we can't agree on our transportation to go down to the falls. I have heard a lot of fun stuff especially for spring break in lake havasu which I want to check it out too. I know it's fun when we drink but we have to be more responsible in our acts to avoid a lot of accidents especially in the water.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Niagara Falls, New York / Canada

I love Niagara Falls. I never think that I will feel such feelings when we were actually right there. The water current is so strong and powerful that will make you feel some unknown feelings caused by nature I guess.

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property in the Algarve

I was just curios while I was having a break from my all day long task so I was surfing the world wideweb and came across this website where they have property in The Algarve . They offer luxury accommodation in the traditional Algarve resort of Praia da Luz. Launched to the Irish marketOceânico's first development, Jardim de Meia Praia near Lagos, was launched in 2002 and completed in 2004. The development comprises a total of 66 units: 44 three-bedroom apartments and 22 two- and three-bedroom townhouses, with a swimming pool, tennis court and restaurant.
You might want to visit this site if you are looking for property in The Algarve

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

This one we just discovered it right at the last minute before we left. A friend of ours (actually a business associate told us about Bryce canyon and he said that we can't just pass it while we are there because it's really pretty and it's all going to be worth our stop). It was definitely beautiful and we were glad that we made our stop at Bryce Canyon.

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Popular Hunting Gear

I was talking to my friend in Georgia and she was telling me stories about her and her husband going out for hunting. She was telling me about she use their Deer Hunting Rifle and at first she was kind of scared but when she keep trying the rifle, it was actually a whole lot of fun. I know hunting is really popular so I was looking online for gears and and stuff and found some really good deals and promotions. Since we haven't decided anything yet for the fourth of July, we are trying to decide on a bunch of options we have at stake and hunting could be added for our options. So we'll see how our schedule will fit on all of these.

Arches National Park, Utah

I like this park because it's unique beauty. I just love a bunch of national parks in Utah because they are unique and amazingly beautiful.

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