Friday, September 19, 2008

Beads! Beads!

Have you heard this shout before? I surely do. When I first heard it, we were in the parade and people were shouting just to get the beads. I was just amazed because in my hometown we never do that on parades. Then when we started going to the festival I keep hearing them every time and I even learn to beg for beads too. Every time we go to the festival that we are trying to make as a tradition every year, I surely keeps asking for more beads. I even keep this really cool special beads I got that they personally gave to me which is made from freshwater pearls. It is made by Beads of Cambay where they are in rich colors, smooth edges and dramatic reflections which jewelers and professional designers have come to rely upon. I love the freshwater pearls because they are noted for their wide range of color - white, silvery white, pink, salmon, red, copper, bronze, brown, lavender, purple, green, blue, cream, and yellow - and shape - coin, potato, stick, oval, button, baroque, round, square, rice and melon seed. Beads of Cambay offer a wide variety of style which you can wear that will fit in your fashion.

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