Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Top 10 Shopping Heavens

Hey ladies i know you are all excited to know where are the top 10 shopping heavens, right? We'll just set back and relax because I will be bringing you to soon to be your destinations.

Where: Bloomington, Minnesota
What's Cool: Despite the harsh winters, there's no need for a heating system beyond the entrances. Guests and the miles of lights provide enough warmth.

Where: Rue Royal, New Orleans, La.
What's Cool: James H. Cohen and Sons, Inc. features antique weapons, Civil War items and rare foreign and American coins.

Where: Seattle, Wash.
What's Cool: Try everything before you buy.

Where: Pasadena, Calif.
What's Cool: Over 2,200 vendors with something for everyone.

Where: Las Vegas, Nev.
What's Cool: The sun never sets.

Where: Los Angeles, Calif.
What's Cool: Their doggy clothes and accessories are featured in Legally Blond 2.

Where: Beverly Hills, Calif.
What's Cool: Nearby Beverly Wilshire Hotel can be seen in Pretty Woman and Beverly Hills Cop.

Where: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
What's Cool: It's the largest mall on Earth. One hundred and ten football fields could fit inside it.

Where: New York, NY
What's Cool: Marilyn Monroe's personal effects were sold here, including a lipstick that brought $200,000.

Where: New York, NY
What's Cool:The ten blocks of stores lining New York's Fifth Avenue just south of Central Park is often hard to traverse, as hoards of office workers, tourists and of course shoppers converge on the center of the center of the universe (at least in the minds of New Yorkers).

So ladies start planning your shopping now and I hope shine some light!

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