Monday, September 22, 2008

Hitting for a Par

My husband just showed me his new set golf clubs last night. He is been playing golf since he is a teenager. I never played golf before until I came here and got married. My first couple of games were embarrassing but when I am challenged I will never just give up. We all know that practice makes it perfect and I am living with it. I don't care how long it will take for me to know how to play and makes my swing perfect but I will never give up. Plus what motivates me is when I saw a Las Vegas Golf where they guarantees the lowest prices with no booking or cancellation fees, no prepayment for tee times, and access to the best tea times. We've been wanting to to back to Las Vegas and playing golf will be a very good alternative for us. Not only that they have the lowest prices you can also select any of the three golf courses that you like such as Royal Links Golf Club, Desert Pines Golf Club and my favorite of all three the Bali Hai Golf Club because of its panoramic view including those stylish ponds. If you happen to be in town and you don't want to lose all you money from gambling and you love to play golf, then you will have a choice to play at one of Walters Golf or you can play all three with their "Tour the World" package.

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