Friday, September 19, 2008

Pleasure is Over

Hmmm, not really, maybe in Hollywood since summer is almost over which means they have to go back to work! Speaking of work, we have so much to deal with and a lot of stuff to cope up with. We run our own business yet taking a vacation is not a stranger to us but leaving it for a few days or even weeks is definitely not that easy especially when we have a big customer based online. We have quite a few numbers of websites out there and keeping up with it is can be tedious but we have a reliable small business web hosting that we can count on. In our case having our website up one hundred percent is very important and relying on somebody is a big deal. Finding a company that can provide a scalable and affordable messaging, collaboration, and web hosting services uniquely delivered in a single account is hard yet not impossible. I found a company called Concentric where they host domains for companies of all sizes ranging from one employee to organizations with high-traffic, large-bandwidth needs and is the only service to hold a patent for Clustered Hosting architecture and they offer a virtually inexhaustible server resource with built-in redundancy, and delivers superior performance and reliability on demand. As business owners, we need these kinds of services for the betterment of our business.

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