Monday, August 25, 2008

World's Sexiest Beaches Courtesy of Travel Channel

I was curious last night when I saw Travel channel showing the top 21 sexiest beach in the world so I recorded it since it was so late and I have to go to bed. Tonight I watch it and I was amazed with the number 2, it's the famous South beach in Miami. So proud since I have been there not just once but several times. At least I have been to 3 of them (Miami beach, Waikiki beach and sunset beach).

No. 21: Venice Beach, Los Angeles, Calif.

Sex Appeal: Easy access from downtown Los Angeles and hours of funky entertainment.

No. 20: Maundays Bay, Anguilla

Sex Appeal: Intimate destination with soft sand and luxury accommodations.

No. 19: Bikini Beach, Punta del Este, Uruguay

Sex Appeal: One of South America's trendiest spots. Draws a big beach crowd that likes to party!

No. 18: Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Sex Appeal: Cosmopolitan vibe yet family-friendly. Close to Cancun and the Mayan ruins of Tulum.

No. 17: Crane Beach, Barbados

Sex Appeal: Dramatic cliffs, active surf and cooling trade winds.

No. 16: Seven Mile Beach, Negril, Jamaica

Sex Appeal: Calm and warm waters, where swimwear is optional!

No. 15: Matira Beach, Bora Bora

Sex Appeal: Crystal-clear water and the famous Mount Otemanu.

No. 14: Macaroni Beach, Mustique, Grenadines

Sex Appeal: A beautiful beach encompassing only 1,400 acres. Located a quick flight from St. Vincent.

No. 13: Clifton Beach, South Africa

Sex Appeal: Diverse and friendly crowds, plus amazing views of the Twelve Apostles mountain range. Clifton is also recognized for being a "green" beach.

No. 12: Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Sex Appeal: The epicenter for big surfing and jaw-dropping action.

No. 11: Pink Sands Beach, Harbour Island, Bahamas

Sex Appeal: An ultra-sexy beach that stretches for 3.5 miles. Tiny shelled creatures called Foraminifera give the sand its pink color.

No. 10: Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Sex Appeal: A sought-after location for surfers, kite-boarders and windsurfers.

No. 9: Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles, Calif.

Sex Appeal: Home to beach volleyball, great waves, watersports, and toned and tan bodies.

No. 8: St. Jean Beach, St. Barths

Sex Appeal: It's wealthy inhabitants and celebrity visitors. It's a place to show off your yacht and let loose.

No. 7: Ko Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Sex Appeal: A nature lover's paradise, with limestone cliffs and clear waters.

No. 6: Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

Sex Appeal: Thirty minutes from Sydney. An international hot spot known for clear blue waters and active surf.

No. 5: Godahl Beach, Canouan, Grenadines

Sex Appeal: A serene location and perhaps the Caribbean's best-kept secret.

No. 4: Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Sex Appeal: Its notorious night club scene.

No. 3: Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

Sex Appeal: Great surf and a stunning landscape made famous by Hollywood films.

No. 2: South Beach, Miami, Fla.

Sex Appeal: Constant energy and a hot nightlife.

No. 1: Ipanema Beach, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Sex Appeal: Beautiful people, tiny swimsuits and mountain views.

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