Thursday, August 7, 2008

"Most Memorable Georgia Vacation"

I have friend in Georgia that I have not seen since we left Manila. I saw her the day we were done with our seminar at the CFO. We still talk online often times as much as we possibly can. Even when my husband and I went to Georgia, we still din not see her because she was out of tow (talking about bad timing right?). So instead of her taking us to different places we just went online and look for things to do in Georgia ourselves but she told us about the Trusted Tours and Attractions to get some good deals because they provide easy and safe online ticketing for numerous sightseeing tours, attractions and museums. Their "Members" adhere to the same stringent quality control guidelines as Historic Tours of America and their logo is an easily recognizable seal of approval that lets their customers know that they have chosen a tour or attraction that is "guaranteed to please!". At their we got some really great idea about the the city since they have amazing Atlanta tours . I know she knows better than me because she live around the area. Just when she will come down here in my town, I will know the locals favorite and the attractions surrounding my town. She was right, I was glad she told us the website because we planned our trip ahead of time and we don't have to panic and worry that we won't be able to find nice and memorable spot while staying in Atlanta. We also went to the stone mountain where I have never seen the biggest stone or rock in my entire life. It was unbelievably humongous. I can't even compare it to something, I was just staring at it and they even have the video at night on the stone itself and there were a lot of people were gathered to see the whole show. She also told us about the Savannah tours because she know we stayed for quite a bit in Georgia and my mom always tell me how she love going to the mountains of Georgia. As a matter of they are there right now and they will come back tomorrow.

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