Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ivy League Baseball Club

Watching sports is a fun thing for me. I grew up with sports since I have 4 brothers and no sister to play dolls with. My option is going out with my father to watch my big brother play sports and he was good. He used to have girls screaming while he is playing. The other day my husband and I watch a baseball game on television which reminds me of the trip when we went to Chicago. We were able to see the Wrigley field where the Chicago Cubs play their home games and where the Ivy League Baseball Club was established in 1914 . I told my husband I bet it will be really good and we can save money if we can see the game from a Cubs rooftop and he said if we can find one. Then I found this one website called The Ivy League Baseball Club which is officially endorsed by the Chicago Cubs and the most exciting part is you can take in a Chicago Cubs game with 10-200 of your closest friends, family or colleagues from the original rooftop at Wrigley Field. We can experience the excitement of the Cubs playing against their biggest rivals with an unforgettable view of the field, even better than some of the seats in the stadium. My husband is so picky when he will go to any event like sporting events or concerts, he want the best seat he can get. I am sure watching the game from the premier Wrigley rooftop is not just like any other day at the ballpark. Mark this we can't just watch the game we can also enjoy the comfort of the facility, complimentary food and beverages, and the company of your friends and family. This is also an amazing corporate outing for companies hoping to offer their employees a unique experience they will never forget.

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