Friday, August 15, 2008

Spectra Symbol

As we know that our technology is getting better each day. There are always something that will come out and being introduce to the consumer like us whether it is about electronics, new line of products or medical related equipment. We are very grateful because we have great resources when it comes to medical instrument that needs to be very accurate in its process as possible to eliminate those mishaps and doubts and of course to shorten the necessary time when the equipment is used. I found this one company that deals with linear potentiometer where it precisely measures an electromotive force. The potentiometers are made of a variety of materials ranging from polyester to fiberglass it depends on the temperature or cycle need. The potentiometers that they offer is the thinnest linear position sensors on the market, at only 0.5mm, and are unparalleled in the industry. The company is very particular in the process linear potentiometer, from the room they use, UV Curing Unit, custom production, series of testing where they follow a standard procedure, quality control where they cross-checks the product and of course their decade of experience.

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