Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Basement Waterproofing Service

Summer here in Florida means wet, it is either wet from our almost everyday rain or wet from your own sweat. Don't get me wrong because I love my state. I will not trade it from any states except Hawaii(hey that's paradise). Anyhow we have to be prepared from all those water. When it rains especially in South Tampa, we are talking about 2-5 inches of water and it could be water going to you basement and Drying a Wet Basement can be a really pain in the butt that you can't use your basement because of its unbearable smell all over your basement. I found this website called The B-Dry System Wet Basement Waterproofing Process which has been proven to be so unique and so effective at eliminating wet basement leakage and flooded basement problems that it was awarded a 1986 United States Government Patent! They have been time tested for over 50 years and in over 200,000 homes nationwide and what is amazing is The B-Dry Patented Waterproofing System is backed by a full warranty which lasts for the lifetime of your building. The good news is they a network of more than sixty authorized B-Dry basement waterproofing businesses nationwide are trained at installing the B-Dry System. Sometimes when you have flooded basement it can lead to some damage but don't worry because they will do other work to repair a wet or flooded basement and also repair the cracks in walls, re-enforce bulged or bowing walls, window well drains and remove a faulty French drain. Now that we found a good company we don't have to worry about the rain that lead to sometimes flood.

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