Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Log Cabin Shop

Ever since I came here Ray been wanting to turn our house into a log cabin. He is not a fan of big houses and I am not either, it is just more of a pain to clean especially when you don't have anybody to help you clean the whole thing. My mom went north last year and she was telling and showing me pictures of the Log Cabins they rented for 3 weeks and it was really nice. They have a good time. The minute mom told us about it, it just fired up Ray's the idea of us having Log Cabins just like this one I found at the Log Cabin shop. All of their cabin woods are carefully sourced from sustainable forest and precision engineered using modern CNC machines matched with designs and techniques used for decades. They are here to give consumers in the UK a choice of a hight quality product that they can be assured of the build quality. All of their cabins are manufactured for precision cnc cut top quality Scandinavian softwood for a perfect fit. Which is really good. All the timber comes for well managed forest where native wildlife and forest industries work together and the rate of tree planting exceeds the rate of harvesting. Different cabins have different log thickness, thicker logs with provide larger cabins with extra strength and insulation. Of course it has to be like that for security reasons and durability of the product.

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