Monday, August 11, 2008

Keeping it warm!

Have you fly lately? I had a bad experience last time with our trip to Seattle, Washington. It started with the luggage at check in area. We didn't even know that they have change rules about checking in your luggage. They said that we can only check in 1 each for free and the second one will be twenty five dollars more (I thought it was a joke because we just flew not that long ago in like 3 months earlier). Instead of checking in our third luggage we just went ahead and carried it with us and I forgot that I have all my toiletry inside the carry-on luggage and of course I can't have it in the plane with me so they have to take it all out! I was so depressed, we had a choice of going back to check it in but we are running out of time so I just let them have it. Then next time I know I was freezing in the plane because it was so cold and I ask the stewardess if they have some blanket and she said they don't have anymore, I was miserable at that time. So I want to be prepared next time we fly, I don't want to freeze and I look online for websites that offer some good stuff. I found Cabin Cuddler where they sells tote bag turns into your own personal hygienic pillow case (pretty cool huh) of course they have the travel blanket so we don't have to be miserable when we fly. We can also use it whenever and wherever we want because the blanket can be contoured to wrap around a person’s body and also include a foot pocket in which passenger feet could nestle securely. The design is so strongly about filling the traveler's need and it is original that a U.S. Patent was granted for the one-of-a-kind foot pocket. Plus the most important thing is the blankets are being reused on airlines no matter how sick people may have been who used them, no matter how wet, moldy, or germy the blankets were.”and don't worry it includes an inflatable pillow in the soft travel pack, which can also double as a pillow case.

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