Thursday, August 7, 2008

Orbit Payments

Running our retail store is a bit time consuming. It needs a lot of work even though it looks small but we both have to deal with retail and online business. Our retail store won't be there for 17 years if we just rely on retail that is why we have online and our Internet present is huge that and it is where big deals are coming from. We have a lot going on in the internet than we have in retail. Sometimes I have to be at the store and have to deal with people and I always wish they will pay with credit cards even though we accept any kinds of payments I just consider cards are much easier to deal with because it is so easy to process just swipe the card to charge the amount and let them sign and it's done. Thank God we have guaranteed merchant account which makes the whole process very convenient. When you accept credit cards everything goes smooth because of Orbit Payments which is prompt and professional solution to secure payment processing and handling. In addition, their client-driven solution offers fast turnarounds with only a single week in arrears and weekly payouts. Plus we know that our business and our transactions will be handled with a consistent level of accuracy and professionalism each time and that the services that we require will be provided at the most optimum levels and when your application is being approved, you will be granted access to their online merchant administration utility, that will allow you to track and manage all of your transactions anytime you want. Don't be hesitant to contact their dedicated and friendly support team because they are available around the clock to help ensure that you have all of the assistance that you may require. Accepting credit cards can be as easy as one two three now that Orbit payments is there to assist you with all out merchant account needs.

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