Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Homeowners Left In The Dark

When it comes to insurance it is really hard to decide but we definitely need it for protection. I always thought that having insurance is just giving away money especially with our home insurance but I was completely wrong. My husband explained it to me and even showed this article that shows the recent study about home insurance and came out that majority of the home owners don't have much knowledge at all. My husband showed it to me because he wants both of us to understand and it is the only way to know if we have the right insurance company with the right amount and the right type of insurance. It even showed that it is vital for us ( homeowners) to understand our coverage so that we can ensure we are adequately covered in the event of a disaster especially here in Florida where we are bound to get hit by a hurricane. I even discovered that some of the most dangerous aspects of a home insurance policy that is likely to be ignored includes replacement value, deductibles and covered losses. Now that I know all these, I want to find a company that will provide top quality insurance products and excellency in customer service to homeowners in the southeast. I found this 12 time award winning company called home insurance where they stands behind their promise to find the best possible coverage for homeowners across the country because we don't want to be left behind when disaster happen.

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