Monday, October 6, 2008

You're gonna love this stuff

We all know that chocolate is one of our favorite for all these years. It has been a part of the ingredients of some of our favorite desserts. It is also perfect for some of our favorite drinks. This time we have to get to know the history of our favorite Fannie Mae who is there standing by really strong for all its products and for past more than 85 years they have been providing high quality gourmet chocolates with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Their retail store that was opened by H. Teller Archibald in the 1920's in Chicago and they haven't changed their their exact recipe even it means that they have to close early because they are out. All through these years the company developed candies that became favorites that often end up in the center of many family during holiday and dinner traditions. Over the years, Fannie May stay open to serve you their premium quality product which is due to their innovative approaches in manufacturing, advertising and packaging. Company stays in business because consumers will continue to patronize their because the relationship is already built all these years and of course of its quality which always been the driving force behind the making of Fannie May chocolates.

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