Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Is it the Solution?

I just saw at that the Senate OKs Revised Financial Bailout Package, is it really the solution of this whole economic drop? As I have been watching the news lately and heard a lot of interviews, I kinda have an idea of what's really going on. Do we really have to rush? As what we saw Monday when Dow Jones dropped 778 points which is the lowest since September 2001, I can say that I wish they approve the bill but when I heard some explanations from the senators that voted against it, then it made me thinking, is is really the right thing to do right now? Will it really save our economy both in the short and long run? I guess we can't really answer that question this time. Tomorrow they'll be back from a Jewish holiday and they will try to make some decisions. Keep your ears open so you can hear what the result tomorrow.

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