Friday, October 3, 2008

What's your speed

Technology has come a long ways. I am amazed of what we have nowadays when it comes to our technology. We are very lucky to have all these because, it is definitely helping and making everything very easy. Just like in sports particularly in baseball, I was wondering how they know about speed of the ball when pitcher pitch. Out of curiosity I look it up online and found out about Sports and Traffic Radar Guns which answers a lot of my questions. I was questioning with my husband too about how the police know that we are actually violating the speed limits and we saw a police in his car pointing his SR3600 Radar Gun and LCD Display Kit and of course we have to stay with the limit to avoid a ticket. I came across website where you can find all the worlds finest brand name radar guns ,speed measuring equipment, and radar gun related products on one site. What is great is they offer free standard UPS ground shipping on all radar guns within the continental United States which is a big help because shipping today can be outrageous. Most importantly is they have available warranties to protect your purchases. So have fun with your new radar gun and accessories.

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