Thursday, October 2, 2008

The most awaited debate!

Yup you heard it right. We are all waiting for this moment to get to know more the Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. I have heard a lot of negative feedback on her and even a subject for comedy show. It has been a controversy when Senator John McCain picked her as his running mate to represent the Republican party. Media even made a very bog deal out of Sarah Palin's pregnant daughter as if it never happened before. She has been in an interview which she slipped and the comedy TV show has been imitating her. Tonight is gonna set it all up, it's going shut a lot of mouth or it's going to make a lot of mouth a little bit louder. She is definitely under the observation with a microscope that even a small slip, it will spread and make a big talk of the town. So are you ready to watch the Vice presidential Nominee debate tonight?
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