Monday, October 6, 2008

Preparing for 2012 and Beyond

As our new generation unfold, people have changed big time. We have changed a lot of our ways in caring, sharing and even the way we are talking to our fellow citizen here in the country or even abroad. People are more focus on to themselves and they don't make an effort of trying to collaborate and help hand in hand to save our mother nature and our own country. As what we have heard about the 2012 prophecy, where it shows people of diverse beliefs and understanding how to prepare for 2012 through the author's vast knowledge, experience and engaging style to make the book appealing to a large readership and help us realize that we should be aware and more concern of our world than ourselves. Our world today is more focus on worldly things and worldly happiness, people are more involve in corruption especially in our politics that made all these mess with our economy that drawn to a more severe problems especially in the third world country where every penny played a big role. We should start working together for the betterment of our future and stop all these bad habits and behavior that is ruining our mother nature. Few hands will not make a difference but if all of us join hands and aim together for the goodness and bright future of both country and our world, we will make a huge success.

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