Wednesday, July 23, 2008

US: Boating Education

Ray and I was watching television about Boating Operating Under the Influence and I was like really? I didn't know that. Ray was telling me it that operating a boat is just like driving a car. I was so dumb about it that I think I need a Boating Education because we always like to go down south where we rent a boat and go out for snorkeling. I still have some hopes that sometime in the future we can go to havasu falls in Arizona where it's famous for it's blue and green water. We almost went there when we visited the Grand Canyon Ray don't want to ride the helicopter and I don't want to ride the donkeys so we decided not to go since we can't agree on our transportation to go down to the falls. I have heard a lot of fun stuff especially for spring break in lake havasu which I want to check it out too. I know it's fun when we drink but we have to be more responsible in our acts to avoid a lot of accidents especially in the water.

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