Thursday, July 31, 2008

Facial Plastic Surgery

I was just reading this one magazine that we got earlier and I was flipping through the pages and came across with this issue about celebrities having rhinoplasty. They have two pictures of celebrities before and after because they think they had plastic surgery. For my own opinion, going through plastic surgery is not a bad thing at all because it will just enhance our features and make it better. I always remember my husband keep saying that the girl needs rhinoplasty because every time her video is being played Ray keep telling me that she have a big nose. If your nose really looks like it doesn't belong in your face I am all for it to have a plastic surgery to make everything looks better. I was just browsing online looking for some information about it and came across rhinoplasty Cincinnati where a surgeon Dr. Donath has logged literally thousands of facial surgery cases in areas with such uncompromising standards as the New York City region. A board certified surgeon specializing in Facial Plastic Surgery, you can therefore be assured of truly unparalleled results by choosing Dr. Donath for your facial plastic surgery needs. A consummate perfectionist, he will not rest until you have the look you desire, from a surgeon you can talk to. If you want to do plastic surgery you want to do it where you are comfortable and you are able to trust your whole face to a trusted surgeon.

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