Thursday, July 31, 2008

Foreclosures and Real Estate Prices

I heard a lot of speculations about the real estate market these days. Some says that it's really low right and I am seeing all this for sale signs almost every corner of the street. Even in our street there are at least 3 for sale signs and the one next to ours was for sale for almost a year. I was looking around especially in the mid west because I simply love it over there. Mid west have a lot of fun stuff to do and I saw their foreclosures in Scottsdale Arizona where they offers complete buyer and seller real estate services for estates, luxury homes, executive homes, golf properties, condos, seasonal property, and land. They also have a unique focus on new home sales in affluent North Scottsdale. Lesley brings 17 years of personal real estate experience to the business, with career personal sales in excess of half-billion dollars.

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