Sunday, June 29, 2008

International Oddities

I was just browsing earlier and I came across this website called International Oddities where they sells one hundred percent Legal Buds and Herbal Smokes plus dozens of smoking accessories for the RYO (Roll Your Own) consumer. For over twenty five Years they have redefined the smoking market and been hailed by industry as the future of smoking in America and all over the world. Their patented packaging, innovative cigarette boxes with built in rolling papers, extreme rolling machines and hookahs insure fun, variety and adventure for the sophisticated smoker who insists on a unique experience. I was actually surprised with all the products they offered like Hawaiian Hybrid A'hia Bud, it's just anything Hawaiian catches my eyes and it will just make me more interested (maybe because we are talking of moving to Hawaii someday somehow). They welcome the growth of the future of smoking but they will scold lesser companies for impersonating them, mis-stating facts about their industry, lying about their own "'so called" ingredients, and putting up sister sites, blogs and the like pretending to give independent rankings to how "great" their legal bud products are only to attempt to sway public opinion through deceptive practices. They hope you take comfort in knowing they are the company worthy of your trust. You may have seen them in High Times magazine, Maxim, Penthouse, Magical Blend, AP Press, Skunk, many others- Or in dozens of top Hollywood feature films. If you go to their site International Oddities you will find more variety of thier products.

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